Share your Wisdom in Paradise


Although the Yucatan peninsula has become a very crowded tourist destination, Kumankaya is located in a pristine area, surrounded by nature and away from the modern world distractions. Our facilities are perfect for those looking to retreat in a healthy and magical place, while enjoying our comfortable and cozy accommodations.


We can host up to 8 people + up to 2 facilitators in the following setting:

  • Shared room with 2 single beds: 2 (both rooms share 1 bathroom)
  • Shared cabin with 2 single beds and 1 bathroom: 1
  • Cabin with 1 double bed and 1 bathroom: 1
  • Guest room in the main house for facilitators: 1


If you’re interested in hosting your own retreat at Kumankaya, please contact us to arrange all details.