Kumankaya is located in the Mayan jungle of the Yucatan peninsula, where the temperature ranges between 73 °F - 100 °F (23 °C - 37 °C) throughout the year. The rainy season goes between June and October, and the dry season between November and May. The cooler months of the year are December and January, and the hottest ones are April and May. With this in mind, please read carefully our Packing List below and consider the time of the year you're visiting for any extra item you think is needed for that type of weather.


Packing List for Kumankaya


  Reusable water bottle.
We provide free, fresh drinking water in all common areas. Please don’t bring disposable plastic bottles.


  Organic, environmentally friendly soaps and personal care products.
Our water comes from a clean, natural source and we aim to have a low environmental impact on our surroundings.


  Organic mosquito repellent.
Cases of malaria are quite rare in the Yucatan area, and in Kumankaya we are lucky to have few mosquitos compared to other tropical rainforests like those in the Amazon basin or Costa Rica. Mosquitoes are most active during the night and they’re not really aggressive, so an organic repellent will be enough to keep them away.


At the moment we only have solar based power in the main house. In all the cabins and the maloca headlamps and candle light are needed.


  Journal and pens/pencils.
Part of the integration experience has to do with journaling during the day. It’s important to write down your experiences during the ceremony, your dreams and insights during the day. Also, if you lean more to painting, drawing or other types of artwork, we encourage you to bring the materials that will help you to deepen the process in a more artistic way.


  Light-colored clothing for the ceremony.
Preferably white, but it can also be light or pastel-colored. It’s not mandatory, but please avoid wearing black or dark clothes in ceremony.


  Sandals (for around campus) and shoes or boots (for nature walks).
We ask everyone to take off their shoes when entering the cabins, maloca and common areas. You can bring house slippers for in your room.


  Light sweater and/or rain jacket.
It is essential during the rainy season, but always recommended as the occasional storm can always come throughout the year.


  Cap or hat and sunscreen.
At any time of the year, the sun in this part of the world can be very strong and it’s necessary to be protected. Mostly if you're taking walks around the property between 10am and 4pm. Please know that during master plant dietas it’s advisable to stay out of the sun as much as possible.


The closest ATM is located in the town of Felipe Carrillo Puerto, 30 minutes from Kumankaya. Although our rates include everything you need during your stay, you might want to have some cash with you for buying gifts at our souvenir shop or tipping our local staff.