Mexico is known for its dramatic seasons, and by far the most trying one is the dry season. Living in the jungle, our experiences mirror that of nature. March through June is an unforgivable time of the year, where temperatures are sustained well above 100 degrees Fahrenheit most days and the nights barely offer much relief. But this is also the time of year, where the jungle cleans herself. The parts of her that are weak or no longer serve die to make room for new growth, new life, new possibility.

For us and our healing work, this is a very necessary part of the process-- where we also are forced to endure the painful transformation of letting go, releasing parts of ourselves that no longer serve us, to journey further and deeper than we ever have before. In the light of the sun, there is nothing to hide. This is a time to illuminate all the shadows, all the dark parts of ourselves we have refused to see. In this way, we have so much to learn from nature: Change is a very important part of life; we must be willing to sacrifice to grow. We welcome you to be apart of this powerful time with us. Come prepared to work and be prepared to let it all go.

We offer 4 ceremonies a week in addition to daily activities, discussions, spring equinox and summer solstice rites, and monthly new moon intention rituals. We will be closed July 3rd-September 3rd.

Experienced healers and facilitators will help and guide each person's process while at Kumankaya.

What to expect when here

  • Transportation from and to Felipe Carrillo Puerto
  • Kumankaya orientation upon arrival
  • Ceremonial orientation and personal intention meeting day after arrival
  • 4 ayahuasca ceremonies a week
  • Post-ceremony sharings
  • Integration discussions
  • Daily optional yoga, meditation and breath-work classes
  • 3 meals a day, except on ceremony days; ceremony days there will be only breakfast and lunch
  • Hot water, caffeine-free tea, apples and bananas available all day
  • Post retreat follow-up and integration counseling

PRICE PER night $160 - $180 per person depending on the type of accommodation. This price doesn't include flight and/or transportation to and from Cancun.


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